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Why “Alternate Energy”?


The world is facing an increasing shortage of energy. Resources are scare. Expenses are mounting day by day. The escalating cost of burning fossil fuels only adds further fire to the energy crisis. The colossal ecological, environmental, societal, natural and other collateral damages are simply incalculable. Planet Earth was never under such a gigantic threat before. The human race was never so vulnerable to the life-threatening hazards posed by the usage of fossil fuels for deriving energy to fulfill needs of power. The carbon, mono-oxide, methane, nitrogen, sulfur, mercury, lead, and many other toxins, carcinogens, tar, poisons, including noise pollution take their deadly toll on human lives.


Further, the release of CFC into the environment has caused a hole in the Ozone layer. Then, there is also the problem of Green House and Global Warming effects, causing even centuries-old glaciers and the entire frozen Arctic Ocean to melt. The situation is so grave that the usually cold and frigid climate countries in the world are now beginning to feel the searing agony of extreme temperatures all of a sudden.


ENTER Alternate Energy. *more. . .

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Solar Energy
Solar energy, radiant light and heat from the sun, has been harnessed by humans since ancient times using a range of ever-evolving technologies. Solar radiation, along with secondary solar-powered resources such as wind and wave power, hydroelectricity and biomass, account for most *more. . .

We offer Alternate Energy Power Solutions from a mere 1 Watt to a massive 1000 Kilowatts or MEGA WATTS, DC Applications, AC, Single Phase to Three Phase Grid Connected & Non-Connected.


Hi-Tech Alternate Energy Systems (Pvt.) Ltd.,

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Gawadar Port Authority (GPA): LED Solar Street Light to be installed ~ 350, 32 street lights already installed.

Sindh Village Homes Solar Energy Power System: 350 Houses are being provided with Solar Power Energy System

wind energy
Wind power is the conversion of wind energy into a useful form of energy, such as using wind turbines to make electricity, wind mills for mechanical power, wind pumps for pumping water or drainage, or sails to propel ships. At the end of 2009, worldwide nameplate capacity of wind-powered generators *more. . .

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